Docks on Legs Components & Parts

We’ve got the components in stock for the do-it-yourself homeowner to put together their own docks, including docks on legs type systems.

From ThruFlow’s interlocking dock decking panels to aluminum-framed wood-decked systems, let us help you put together a complete parts list of what you’ll need.

Or, leave the whole project to us by utilizing our Custom Dock Design and Installation Services.

From complete design and installation to in-stock components for the do-it-yourselfer, Granite State Dock & Marine is your complete solution for your dock needs.

ThruFlow Dock System

Docks on Legs Sytems & Components Available From Granite State Dock & MarineThruFlows interlocking decking system is the best dock decking panel due to its water resistance, anti-slip surface and grated design. ThruFlow is light weight so it allows for easy installation. Being that ThruFlow is grated it can also protect your dock from the up lifting wave and storm surge effects. The grated design also makes ThruFlow the environmentally friendly choice because it allows sunlight to penetrate the surface allowing S. A. V. to grow.