AlumaCraft Boats

Granite State Dock & Marine is an Authorized AlumaCraft Dealer.

AlumaCraft has been building quality aluminum fishing boats in the U.S.A. since 1946! AlumaCraft has proved itself to be a huge presence in the fishing world for over 70 years. Some of their boats have been helping families make lasting memories for multiple generations.

AlumaCraft’s line of boats leads the market in innovation annually, and not just because of their virtually-no-maitenance hulls. Durability, innovation, craftsmanship, and an unwavering dedication to the customer constitute the AlumaCraft way.

The AlumaCraft Advantage

A sampling of the advantages and innovations that AlumaCraft brings to their designs:

The 2XB Hull Advantage:

Our Deep V 2XB hull is engineered for optimal lift, strength and fuel economy, resulting in a softer, quieter and drier ride even in rough water.

  • Aquadynamic Hull Designs
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Larger Military-Grade Rivets
  • One-Piece Hardened Center Keel
  • Double Plating
  • Larger Spray Rails
  • All-Aluminum Transom
  • Automotive-Quality Paint
  • Bow Rake
  • 75 Years in the Making

The Mod V Hull Advantage:

Our Modified V hull is designed to give you reliable performance when on plane and a shallow draft to get you deep into the backwaters.

  • Mod V Hull Design
  • All-Aluminum Two-Piece Construction
  • High-Quality Clean Welds
  • Keel Breaks & Performance Strakes
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum
  • More Longitudinal Ribs
  • All-Aluminum Transom
  • Polyurethane Automotive-Quality Paint
  • Oversized Corner Caps
  • 75 Years in the Making

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