Our Contactless Service Solutions

During these troubling times, your safety is our priority and your concerns are our concerns.

As an example, we’ve made adjustments to our showroom and customer areas like requiring facial coverings and suggesting social distancing.

And for those customers who wish to eliminate contact when bringing their boats in for services like winterization and shrink wrapping, or want to keep it to a bare minimum, we offer our ‘contactless’ service option.

By preparing the form below prior to dropping off your boat, we’ll eliminate the need for you to enter our facility and to hang around for the duration of filling in the form, sharing our pen, etc.

Additionally, you can even drop off you boat with the form securely attached and maintain social distance to your own comfort level. Most of the other conversation can occur at a distance, or even over the phone later.

We are always out to earn your business, and then to keep it! We are ready to collaborate on a drop-off and pick-up solution that makes you feel safe and comfortable, and that shows that your safety is our priority.

Contactless Service Form

Please print out and complete the form below prior to your drop-off visit. Be sure to communicate with us on how we can make a complete drop-off arrangement with you – timing, your preferences, etc.

Click to Open Our Contactless Service Intake Form